Belated happy new year!
This post will be fully of happyness and kittens!
Okay, maybe not kittens, but happyness!

So my friend Vic (Twitter, GitHub) has drawn me something!

Yes it’s an angel, no I did not ask them to do it like that, but they insisted. Note that on some places I’ve used that drawing merged with my old >_ profile picture with the drawing to make my new profile picture, I think it looks quite good, I hope.

Oh… and I have also done some work and programming just to get this blog post working.
I needed a way to embed tweets into this, so I tried out plugins and found one that works on someone’s GitHub
Then I tweaked it until I made it use tags instead of replacing twitter URLs, and after multiple goes because I don’t understand Ruby, I got it to work!

The code is on GitHub, so finally…