It’s 20 days until christmas.

Time flies, I guess.

I honestly cannot think of much to write, other than the fact that I cannot appear to type right now, so this will probably be short.

So, I honestly don’t know what I want for christmas. I want many things, but I don’t know what I want the most.
I mean, I managed to repair my “cheap” NAS (still cheaper than a prebuilt NAS, though, so I still consider it a sucess), so while I do want proper drive bays for it, I won’t actually need them, so I’ll probably get them when I acutally need to replace a drive again.

Alternatively, I could get a new laptop, which would kinda be pointless, though it would be cool to have a decently powerful laptop.
However, there is something interesting that I kinda want to do, I want to make a “retro”computer, with either a Z80 or a 68k, and write an operating system for that.

Whatever I ask for, I need to choose quickly, as I don’t want to waste an opportunity to get free stuff that I want, as I am aware that I won’t get stuff like this for all of my life.