So… recently some things have happened.
I won’t go into detail for two reasons, as some of the things are personal and private, and some of them would reveal my location slightly more.

However, to be honest, it was mostly good for me and fun in general.

However, I have not got the motivation I wanted.

However, I have been dreaming of crazy ideas, that, if I could acutally do, would be so amazing / just confuse people (one of the two).
The dreams are practically impossible, but as they are technically possible, I feel that my brain is confusing what I actually can do, and what I can’t do practically, and so I feel like I am unable to do anything. great.

So… let me just list what I want to do…

  1. Make a microkernel (and OS) for a real computer
  2. Finish my Z80 emulator
  3. Design and implement a network protocol for OpenComputers
  4. Finish my StringMatcher thing
  5. Draw something cute / cool
  6. Make a microkernel (and OS) for OpenComputers
  7. Finish my cheap NAS
  8. Make a universal programming framework
  9. More, I forgot a lot of stuff
  10. Finish MCMUCH
  11. Oh, and I also want to do something that people will enjoy, as always.
  12. Be awesome and cute

Can you guess which ones I feel like I cannot do? (hint: it’s all of them)

So… to wrap this up, some happy and good things have happened, but for some reason I feel sad and worthless again.