Welp. I am jealous of people. I’m not going to say who, and don’t ask.
I don’t like this feeling, and I feel guilty for being jealous, and I also feel even more guilty by writing it down.

Why on earth am I writing this, then?
I honestly have no idea. I’m hoping by writing this, I can put it in perspective or something.

Anyway, I am jealous of people who can do more things than me, and also (slightly less) of people who can ignore others being better at them.
Actually, I’m not acutally jealous, it’s more… Jealousy of their abilities. Does it count a jealousy if I hate? myself for not being able to do those things? (Hate is the wrong word, but it’s not that that far off)

I’m a bit of a perfectionalist, however there are some things that I just don’t care about. One is my room. It’s kinda strange…
I kind of wonder if all of theese emotions is because I’m a teenager… the problem is, how can I tell? One thing is for sure, I wish it wasn’t like this!

Well, my brain has run out of things to say, which means that I’m also bad at writing.