Welp, I managed to give myself four projects to do, and I have to do them because other people expect me to finish. This could either be a good thing, or a very bad thing.
It’s also the end of the half term, so back to school for me! “fun”!

The projects are (in order of need to be done by):

  1. Make mod spotlight for Vic Nightfall’s Integrated Circuits Mod. Done!
  2. Write story for copygirl and asie. Done! Next Up: Continue story? More characters?
  3. Make program that can edit Integrated Circuits for OpenComputers.
  4. Learn Node.js and help with MCMUCH (Minecraft Mod User Creation / Content Hub).

And then we have the stuff that I want to do for myself:

  1. Draw more stuff.
  2. Learn a real life (not programming) language.

Well, I guess I now have written down a reminder, in a way.
I also have changed my Minecraft Username from “skyem123” to “skyem”. Yay!

Anyway, I need to get back to school work (meh, I don’t really learn anything in ICT / Computer Science in year 10), so bye for now.