Hello, my name is Skye Macdonald. I call myself “skyem123”, “skyemac123”, or “skyem”.
I can be found on the channel #obsidian on EsperNet, I am called “Skye”.

I am bad at writing about myself.


I am named after the Isle of Skye. Funny thing that my parents didn’t realise is that the Macdonalds lived on the Isle of Skye and my name is Skye Macdonald. Just a funny thing that I noticed.

I like computers and I have built… one completely from scratch, however I have rebuilt computers many times.

I do not care about my gender so I use the pronoun “they”, but feel free to call me he or she, or any other pronoun you can think of (even ‘it’, if i’m in a good mood), because I do not care about my gender.

I do have some things about my personaliy that would probably suit a girl more, so maybe “Skye” is an appropriate name? (but why stereotype in the first place?)